About Us

Scene on the Net has been offering a range of vital web products from great value-for-money e-commerce web sites to a full SEO service for clients nationwide since 2002. We have offices — and satisfied clients — in London, Shrewsbury and Newcastle

Whether you’re a web virgin or a net junkie we have the people and experience to meet your needs — be it a full-featured design concept or a minor tweak to an existing web site — at a price you’ll like. The services we offer include:

  • Custom web sites using clean HTML code (simple and dynamic)
  • SEO/PPC campaigns at competitive rates
  • ASP, PHP, Javascript and Perl scripting
  • RSS Newsfeeds (dynamic and manual)
  • Ecommerce web design and shopping-cart systems
  • Databases (including MySQL and Access)
  • CSS 2.0 and SQL
  • WordPress and Drupal installations
  • Graphic design and image creation
  • Technical implementation and management
  • Web site management and domain administration

All our work is carried out in house, ensuring that you get the best possible quality of page design for the best possible price.

Always working in close partnership with clients, Scene sensitively develops projects for a wide range of clients nationwide, from simple and effective brochure-based sites to huge online shops running efficient database.

It doesn’t matter if your requirements are straightforward or complex, we can help you decide what you really want, turn your ideas into an outstanding site, and give you the support you need to ensure continuing success.

We design web sites that are fast, efficient, user-friendly, honestly priced and affordable.

We do everything we can to make your site cost-effective and easy to maintain and, above all, profitable.

We are easy to deal with, we enjoy what we do, and we value our clients.

Email us now at info@sceneonthe.net or go to our contact page