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Drupal – the new kid on the block

By Andrew Fielden

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Page updated 11:58 am: March 3, 2012

“The time has come,” the Walrus said,
“To talk of many things:
Of shoes–and ships–and sealing-wax–
Of cabbages–and kings–
And why the sea is boiling hot–
And whether pigs have wings.”
(from Through the Looking-Glass and What Alice Found There, 1872)

And I am sure that he would have included Drupal should he have been a more modern Walrus and dealing in Content Management and web based applications.

For quite a while now the dev side of Scene has either been using/extending WordPress or where the need is beyond the scope of WordPress developing from scratch in the PHP scripting language. This is however not necessarily the most effective way to approach a problem and the decision was made to utilise a framework of some description. This would allow us to formally separate code from content and abstract the database, hopefully in an MVC type manner.

So what to chose? Are we after a “pig with wings”?

Well it came down to a framework (like cakephp or symfony) or an extendible CMS (WordPress or Drupal)

To start with we thought that a framework would be a better option and a version of a management system for Hilton Worldwide’s google places offerings was built using cakephp. During the course of this however we found that getting support from the online community was patchy to say the least. The situation was similar with Symfony… mmmm

So what about the CMS systems – well both Drupal and WordPress fitted the bill. Both are relatively easy to install and get going with but Drupal it seems far more suited to extending with the features we are interested in. Also given that we have already experience in dealing with WordPress and are aware of the limitations Drupal seems to be a step in the right direction.

The first project is for dealing with SEO (our kind of bread and butter stuff) management, once again for the Hilton Group. Once this is complete we are looking to build it out to a publicly available system, should this go reasonably well in Drupal then this will be in Drupal.

Instant search and the lessons for lovers of PR

By Max Brockbank

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Page updated 5:26 pm: June 4, 2010

The mantra of the SEO professional used to be: “give me your site and I’ll get it moving in the right direction in four to six weeks.” That was how long it used to take to get new pages showing up in the SERPs.

Of course all good SEOs knew that about two weeks was the real best guess on a site rhinocort with some authority but when you got things moving four weeks earlier than promised, it certainly did no harm to the reputation.

And when a site was firmly establised — after about six weeks — as long as you published often enough, you knew you’d get the robots back within a few hours of any change to the site.

But it’s all different now. Thanks to microblogging and the rise of social media like Twitter, Wellbutrin SR Online instant search — with results sometimes as recent as 30 seconds — is a fact of life.

Just today, as part of an experiment, I posted some stuff and nonsense on my personal blog — Let’s Talk About Me — and set up a Google search for the headline to refresh once a minute.

Just 14 refreshes later, “All the good addresses have already gone” was there at position 1. Even “All the good addresses” was at p4.

This is not to show how great a copywriter I am, or even how eagerly awaited my post was. The point is that even a rarely-updated blog like mine can appear in the SERPs less than a quarter of an hour after publication. Opinion levitra Google’s army of spiders is very busy indeed.

This has implications for backlinking campaigns which Buy Propecia Online Pharmacy No Prescription Needed are largely based on a steady stream of blog posts, zine articles and the like. The complaint from clients is that these posts are worthless because they don’t have any Page Rank. Levitra venta Butif a new blog post can top the SERPs 14 minutes after publication, by implication it already has some value.

I find it hard to conceal my true feelings about PR: even Google wish they’d never nurtured this troubled child.

PR — or at least what everyone calls PR — is meaningless. It’s as if you read the football scores from six Mondays ago and are now convinced that that team rankings must still be the same today.

“Published” PR, which the vast majority of people fixate on, is “published” every three months or so as a snapshot of how much “authority” a page has. In past years, the interval was often much, much longer. Today, with Google’s public pronouncements of the “death” of PR — they don’t even show it in their toolbar Buy Amoxil Online Pharmacy No Prescription Needed any more — who knows how often it will be updated from here on in?

PR was always a shorthand measure of a page’s worth, but if it was ever the true yardstick, how come searches regulalrly show pages with lower or even no PR higher in the SERPs than big-PR sites? These days it’s a little more complicated, and people wanting to know the true  value of a page must dig a little deeper. Levitra efectos secundarios

Simply put, pages with more authority fare better in the SERPs than those with less. Potenzmittel viagra Authority comes from a number of factors, including trustworthiness. That means pages from trustworthy sites are worth more (at birth) than pages from sites with “issues”.

Therefore a new page on is worth more than a two-month old post on an obscure blog. This simple truth still seems to confuse the ill-informed majority — often residing at decision-making level — who still fret and worry that because a page has no PR it has no value.

I’m currently investigating ways of actually demonstrating value in a page long before its PR is “published”. I’ll keep you posted.

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The hidden truth about Accessibility

By Max Brockbank

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Page updated 8:27 am: March 23, 2009

Since 2005, European legislation has required EU websites to take reasonable steps to improve disability rights access.

A common myth about Opinion levitra Accessibility is that it caters to an insignificant minority. According to the RNIB, gained £13 MILLION a year in new business by making its site accessible site. Levitra efectos secundarios

While it may be great to get more business like, the real Buy Viagra Soft Tabs Online truth about accessibility is much more subtle — and valuable.

Right now there is one class of “blind” web users who have TRILLIONS of dollars at their disposal and can influence entire societies. They will never “see” the elegant roll-over navigations and have Buy Buy mobic online Wellbutrin SR Online Pharmacy No Prescription Needed no interest in colour combinations. And they’re not in the slightest bit w orried about flashy animations Levitra venta or clever scripting. Potenzmittel viagra

They are the Search Engines — Google, Yahoo, Windows Live! and Ask, to name just four.

The unspoken truth about Accessibility is that it is perfect for SEO. All the “best practice” techniques aimed at making the Internet experience good for people who cannot see hold doubly true for the Search Engine Spiders.

An example of this is related by, a London listings website which discovered that content it syndicated to other websites appeared in Google HOURS before the same stories featured on their own pages. Quite simply, the syndicated sites were using more Accessible designs.

How you can use CSS to improve Accessibility AND Content is the subject of my next post.

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When is a backlink not a backlink?

By Max Brockbank

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Page updated 9:53 am: March 1, 2009

Almost everyone agrees that backinks are the BIGGEST factor in getting your site high up Googles’ front page: that is, loads of quality links to your site from important, relevant sites.

But what EXACTLY makes a quality backlink in the eyes of Google is hard to determine. If you use Google’s own Webmaster Tools you’ll find a list of backlinks AND a list of sites linking to yours (Pages with External Links) , and while the latter may be full of URLs, it almost certainly won’t match the former. Levitra venta

So why the difference Levitra efectos secundarios ? That’s the $64,000 question. Only Google knows for sure. Which is a pity because backlinks do seem to be the really big factor in getting to the top.

It used to be thought that published PR of the referrer — commonly known as PR — was a key factor (it had to be PR4 or greater); however, this no longer seems to be the case and sites with PR of 3 and below Buy Flagyl ER Online Pharmacy No Prescription Needed frequently show up.

We’ve worked on many sites where there is a big gap between “backlinks” and “sites linking”, and one connection seems to be forming Buy zestril — pages counted as “backlinks” get more than 100 visitors a day. Opinion levitra

It would be stonishing if this was the only reason for the difference, but it must be at least one factor.

So, in five easy steps, here’s how to recognise a quality back link.

  • It’s relevant to your page theme
    if you run a pet store web site, a link from a local koi carp society would be relevant, a link from the local exhaust fitters would be less so.
  • It’s voluntary
    In 2007, Google started filtering out “paid-for” links schemes (although most paid directories seem to have escaped, especially where the payment is seen as a “research fee”)
  • It’s one of less than 10 links from that page
    This is why having your site on a links page is bad news for any backlink; it dilutes the power
  • It’s not reciprocal
    I’ll scratch your back if you scratch mine (at least in backlink terms) seems to cancel out the strength of any link. Potenzmittel viagra The favored method today is three-way linking, but be prepared for that to fail anytime soon.


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Four cool aps to Twitter with

By Max Brockbank

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Page updated 12:07 am: February 28, 2009

Micro blogging is big news, and Twitter is the name of the game. Here are four simple ways to play.


Based on on Adobe’s Air platform, TweetDeck splits up your Tweets into handy customisable columns: All Updates, Replies and Direct Messages. But it goes further by providing filtering to separate the wheat from the goats. There are many other goodies, but they don’t get in the way. The in-built Tweet “growth predictor” is something to keep an eye on.

Best Feature: fine-toothed filtering

Download From:


This is an Add-On for Firefox which you soon won’t want to be without. It sits quietly in the status bar and checks every few minutes for updates. These can be set to pop up as they arrive, meaning that you never need to explore further, but if you’re away from your keyboard and the Tweets mount up, you can click on the icon and see all the latest entries.

Best Feature: Multiple Twitter accounts accessed in the wink of an eye.

Download From: TwitterFox@Firefox Add-ons


The essential Tweet tool for the Blackberry, allows you Opinion levitra to keep in touch with those you follow without using the browser. And the cool text entry means you can Tweet anywhere you have network access. Levitra efectos secundarios

Best Feature: Access your friends’ Tweets in two clicks on the 9.32 from Lewisham

Download From: Buy endep Brand Cialis Online Pharmacy No Prescription Needed title=”Go to Twitterberry page at Orangatame” href=””>

Digsby Clomid Online Tweet Icon

One of the best features of multiple IM client Digsby, is the ability to connect to social networks such as Facebook, Google Talk and Twitter — which puts it streets ahead of its rivals. Levitra venta Potenzmittel viagra

Best Feature: Like TwitterFox, it also allows you to run multiple Twitter accounts.

Download From:

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Searching for a silver lining to the cloud

By Max Brockbank

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Page updated 6:01 pm: February 17, 2009

It’s not a good time, is it Levitra efectos secundarios ? Not bread queues and soup kitchens, to be sure, but it is very hard to be optimistic. Opinion levitra

Still. it is said that every cloud has a silver lining it seems and for SEO it may be that people are seeing Organic Search  in a new light. Compared to other forms of online marketing, SEO is seen as a cheap, effective way of getting the message across. According to recruiters we’ve spoken to recently (and others with less of an axe to grind) demand for good SEO professionals is on the increase. Hooray for our side!

But the Lasix Online loser in this may well be Pay Per Click advertising (not that we expect Google to throw in the towel any time soon). As cheap as a well-run PPC campaign may be, some website managers look at the number of clicks which DON’T end in a sale and think of it as wasted money.

What is only partly appreciated is the link between effective SEO and PPC. In essence, web users are more likely to click on a PPC link order cheap pharmacy — or indeed any brand-related link — if they associate it with good organic search results. Potenzmittel viagra

This is because SEO is as much about “Reputation Management” Buy Doxycycline Online Pharmacy No Prescription Needed as it is about anything else. Levitra venta That includes quality backlinks — everyone wants to link to the “world’s favourite hyzaar website”.

In other words, sites that give good attention to organic search can expect other benefits too.

It’s right that SEO is getting more attention, it simply makes sense. But treat it as a FOUNDATION of your whole SEM effort, not all of it.

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Google News is good news for SEO

By Max Brockbank

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Page updated 9:44 am: February 11, 2009

When people think of SEO, the name that inevitably comes to mind is Google.

Around three-quarters of the world’s search traffic comes through Google and many people have it as their home page. Getting your site high Buy Orlistat Online Pharmacy on Google’s index is important, and every SEO professional claims they are best Flagyl ER Online at improving your Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs) score.

But there is an alternative “search engine” with just as much clout as Google and which is probably more widely seen.

Google News is a regularly updated index of top stories from news sites across the Internet. Google News is still Google, but getting Buy Viagra Soft Tabs Online Pharmacy No Prescription Needed your s ite indexed by Levitra efectos secundarios it is a much trickier prospect than ordinary search. Nevertheless, if you’re producing “news”-type items on a regular basis, it’s worth a try.

Succeed and you’ll find yourself listed on XML feeds used by some of the planet’s most-visited websites via plugins for popular CMS platforms Buy zofran online such as Google News for WordPress, or Google’s own targeted feed APIs. Potenzmittel viagra

So how do you get in? Google’s official rules for inclusion are …

  • Sites that have news content that is original to the site
  • Sites which do not solely promote their own activities
  • Sites which are written and maintained by a clear organization, one that has multiple writers and editors

Most candidates fail on that last requirement since many news blogs are one-man (or woman) bands. But if you can turn your blog into a “community of newshounds” there is hope. Levitra venta

Having said all this, a quick trawl through Google News throws up all sorts of sites which seemingly flout these rules. Opinion levitra

Once again, the mystery of Google is preserved.

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How we let a customer lead the way

By Max Brockbank

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Page updated 11:14 pm: February 10, 2009

It’s early days for the new Scene on the Net. The sad fact is that we’re not getting the level of spidering by the search engines we’d like.

The major reason for this is that the old Scene wasn’t really updated very much: we said what we needed to say and got on with making great web sites. Levitra venta As a result, the search engines had no need  to check us over all that often because they believed that we obviously had nothing new to say.

These days, Scene is much more a platform for information, discussion and community (and the odd pitch to build you a website at a jolly nice price). That means we have included more ways to update the site, including blogging and microblogging.

We’ve been shown the way Buy Orlistat Online Pharmacy No Prescription Needed by the masterminds behind, a site we developed for an independent casino news organisation. The good people of CUUK set out to make their web site interesting and regular, so from the very beginning they posted news items at least TWICE a day.

After just three months, CUUK found their pages were being indexed every 20 minutes or so, with stories appearing at similar intervals. Opinion levitra That has contributed to CUUK becoming a trusted news source with a regular following inside and outside of the gambling industry, not to mention good search engine rankings, impressive PR Potenzmittel viagra and a popularity among advertisers.

To be honest, I’m not sure we partners at Buy aldactone have the time — or the imagination — to post something original and interesting every WEEK, let alone twice Levitra efectos secundarios a day. Buy Levaquin Online We’ll see.

But we do hope that we can be interesting some times. We’ll try, as often as we can.

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A blast from the past for SEO

By Max Brockbank

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Page updated 11:23 am:

One of the casualties of the Big Buy Revia Online Pharmacy No Prescription Needed Crash just before Christmas was, a blog I ran on good content for websites. Levitra venta Opinion levitra Levitra efectos secundarios Potenzmittel viagra

JWC was set up in mid 2007 as a blatant exercise in self publicity and good generic diflucan SEO, but after other work took priority in early 2008 it fell dormant with few updates.

But JWC was more than just a blog: there were tools including keyword density counters, character converters and readability engines, Buy fempro online the latter appearing in Google’s top five for the keywords “readability analyser” Buy Viagra Super Active+ Online right up to its sudden disappearance and a few weeks beyond.

The intention is to ressurect JWC as part of the Scene on the Net blog, including the popular tools.

Watch this space

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Knowing when to keep quiet

By Max Brockbank

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Page updated 12:10 pm: February 7, 2009

We’ve just finished work on a small new site for a client who would rather not be named.

There are many reasons why a client may not wish their website to be “high profile”, from the private and personal nature of its contents to not being directly or indirectly linked to another site or even an individual.

At Scene, we have helped many clients to take the discreet route with otherwise legal, honest and ethical websites. It partly explains why our client list is not represented completely by our on-site portfolio.

We’re happy to take on other similar operations in a sensitive way and as a result we’ve developed some expertise in using SEO to promote discreet sites in the best possible way.

Even “hush, hush” sites get to appear in Google.

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