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Drupal – the new kid on the block

By Andrew Fielden

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“The time has come,” the Walrus said,
“To talk of many things:
Of shoes–and ships–and sealing-wax–
Of cabbages–and kings–
And why the sea is boiling hot–
And whether pigs have wings.”
(from Through the Looking-Glass and What Alice Found There, 1872)

And I am sure that he would have included Drupal should he have been a more modern Walrus and dealing in Content Management and web based applications.

For quite a while now the dev side of Scene has either been using/extending WordPress or where the need is beyond the scope of WordPress developing from scratch in the PHP scripting language. This is however not necessarily the most effective way to approach a problem and the decision was made to utilise a framework of some description. This would allow us to formally separate code from content and abstract the database, hopefully in an MVC type manner.

So what to chose? Are we after a “pig with wings”?

Well it came down to a framework (like cakephp or symfony) or an extendible CMS (WordPress or Drupal)

To start with we thought that a framework would be a better option and a version of a management system for Hilton Worldwide’s google places offerings was built using cakephp. During the course of this however we found that getting support from the online community was patchy to say the least. The situation was similar with Symfony… mmmm

So what about the CMS systems – well both Drupal and WordPress fitted the bill. Both are relatively easy to install and get going with but Drupal it seems far more suited to extending with the features we are interested in. Also given that we have already experience in dealing with WordPress and are aware of the limitations Drupal seems to be a step in the right direction.

The first project is for dealing with SEO (our kind of bread and butter stuff) management, once again for the Hilton Group. Once this is complete we are looking to build it out to a publicly available system, should this go reasonably well in Drupal then this will be in Drupal.

Pressing Concerns

By Max Brockbank

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We’ve been doing some work for up and coming London digital search agency Absorb, on designs for a new web site using good old WordPress, the platform on which this very site is based. Levitra venta

WordPress is now in Buy Levitra Online version 2.8 and going strong. It’s Online Pharmacy No Prescription Needed trusted by many big names including the BBC, Ford Motors, TIME magazine and even, the online travel site which will forever be linked with the boom of the late 90s.

We’re also moving the Association of American Correspondents in London‘s web site to WordPress, giving them a flexible platform to promote a more interactive community. Potenzmittel viagra The AACL’s current President, Karla Adam, a London bureau chief with The Washington Post emailed us to say: “Looks good! Much fresher, cleaner. Looking forward to going live soon.”

While WordPress is not the answer to everything, it is possible to get it up and running quickly and cheaply using one of the many blogging packages offered by reputable hosting companies such as the UK-based, which offers a built-in installer to minimize the effort required Levitra efectos secundarios to get started in the first place. Opinion levitra

There’s plenty more about WordPress at the Buy suprax WordPress site, and links to lots of free plug-ins, themes and ideas for blogging success.

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Four cool aps to Twitter with

By Max Brockbank

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Micro blogging is big news, and Twitter is the name of the game. Here are four simple ways to play.


Based on on Adobe’s Air platform, TweetDeck splits up your Tweets into handy customisable columns: All Updates, Replies and Direct Messages. But it goes further by providing filtering to separate the wheat from the goats. There are many other goodies, but they don’t get in the way. The in-built Tweet “growth predictor” is something to keep an eye on.

Best Feature: fine-toothed filtering

Download From:


This is an Add-On for Firefox which you soon won’t want to be without. It sits quietly in the status bar and checks every few minutes for updates. These can be set to pop up as they arrive, meaning that you never need to explore further, but if you’re away from your keyboard and the Tweets mount up, you can click on the icon and see all the latest entries.

Best Feature: Multiple Twitter accounts accessed in the wink of an eye.

Download From: TwitterFox@Firefox Add-ons


The essential Tweet tool for the Blackberry, allows you Opinion levitra to keep in touch with those you follow without using the browser. And the cool text entry means you can Tweet anywhere you have network access. Levitra efectos secundarios

Best Feature: Access your friends’ Tweets in two clicks on the 9.32 from Lewisham

Download From: Buy endep Brand Cialis Online Pharmacy No Prescription Needed title=”Go to Twitterberry page at Orangatame” href=””>

Digsby Clomid Online Tweet Icon

One of the best features of multiple IM client Digsby, is the ability to connect to social networks such as Facebook, Google Talk and Twitter — which puts it streets ahead of its rivals. Levitra venta Potenzmittel viagra

Best Feature: Like TwitterFox, it also allows you to run multiple Twitter accounts.

Download From:

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Say what you like — in 12 seconds

By Max Brockbank

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Consider this. If humans were descended from cats, horror movies would not be dark and foreboding — the scary thing would be smells, not shadows and unlit streets. It’s almost certain that smellivision would have been invented before television.

However, our primate ancestors lived in savannah and forest, where smells c an be Potenzmittel viagra confusing and it’s more important to be able to interpret patterns Buy Viagra Soft Tabs Online Pharmacy No Prescription Needed from vague shapes at close quarters than to see for a thousand miles (like a bird), or navigate round caves in the dark (like bats), or hunt mice at night (like cats).

We have good colour vision at at distance roughly comparable to the ambush distance of a sabre-tooth tiger.

Vision is such an important concept in everyday life and on the web as the popularity of YouTube. MetaCafe and Video Jug just go to show.

Today’s buzzword is ” microbloggin Opinion levitra g” — and especially Twitter (we even tamiflu have Twitter at Scene). How do you combine vision and microblogging? The answer is 12 Seconds, the video bloggers answer to Twitter.

12 Seconds’ version of Twitter’s 140-character limit Buy Topamax Online Pharmacy is exactly what it says on the tin — just 12 seconds of lasix generic video, recorded via your webcam or mobile phone. Levitra venta The only issue seems to be that some users find the image from their webcam is upside down. 12 Seconds say they’re investigating.

And the other issue is conciseness — keeping it short. Like 140 characters, keeping to 12 seconds can be an envigorating experience. Levitra efectos secundarios You need to learn how to say what you want to say in the time available and there just never seems Brand Levitra Online to be enough spa

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