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Why do I need a web designer?

To save time and to make the end result more effective. It’s a fact that well-designed, well-executed web sites get more visitors and produce more sales. Scene have the proven experience to produce first class sites in the shortest time possible, allowing you to concentrate on your business and reap the benefits of having a web site as soon as possible.

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What makes Scene on the Net different to the rest?

There are a lot of web sites out there which are either unattractive or hard to navigate — or both. Many don’t work on anything other than Internet Explorer on a PC because they don’t conform to industry standard W3C guidelines. Your customers don’t want to see ugly, slow sites. Statistics show most people click away from a page within seconds if it doesn’t look good. Scene always makes sure that its sites are eye-catching, quick to download — even on an old-style dial-up (56k) connection — and valid on as many different Operating Systems and browsers as possible, including mobile.

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Is this going to take long?

We aim to be realistic about timings: so if we think it will take a day to complete your project we will quote you a day’s work. Typically, a four-page site can be completed within a week but complications like databases can double that.

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Is this going to cost a small fortune?

We don’t claim to be the cheapest, or even the next cheapest. We know there are agencies out there asking peanuts for a web site; but we believe you’ll get monkey business as a result. We always quote a realistic price for quality work, tailoring our fees to the client and their needs. Our simplest sites begin at £350 plus disbursements and hosting fees. For a free consultation use the ringback panel on the left or go to the contact page and send us an email

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Okay, I want a web site. Where do I begin?

To minimize the involvement of the site designer — and keep the costs down — supply as much information as possible. What you want from the Internet? Do you have any style ideas? Favourite colours? Are there other web sites you really like? Send us the URLs (web addresses).

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What do I need for a site?

Three things: a domain name, a host and some pages. Domain names are unique and are registered. The host is a company that provides you space on a computer — or server — that is constantly connected to the Internet. And the pages are the content of your site. They may be simple static pages written in a computer language called HTML or dynamic and whizz-bang written in ASP or PHP or Vignette or anyone of a dozen other web-languages. Scene can help you get all the constituent parts together.

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I built my own site, but I reckon it could be better. Can you help?

Yes. We can work with you to see what your goals are and what would work best for the money you wish to spend.

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The site’s for my small business. Will it fit in?

Do you have a company brochure? A company logo? Anything that would contribute to telling the world about your company? This is where the web designer starts.

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Can I start small and add to it later?

It’s usually the best way. Start with just a few pages and see what works best. Then add the bells and whistles later.

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Can I update my own site?

If you want total control, we can provide a fully-featured web-based Content Management System (CMS) that will meet your needs or use programs such as WordPress, Drupal or .Net Nuke to do the job. Alternatively, you may wish to have Scene manage your site on a low-key basis — or anywhere in between.

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What is Search Engine Optimization?

How your site gets noticed is not a matter of chance. There are many different search engines around the world who could be sending customers your way. Our years of experience mean we know the ways to get your search engine ranking (SERPs) as high as possible. We will look at the back end of your website to make sure it ticks all the boxes and check the content to ensure that it’s doing its job. We can also build and run a Pay-Per-Click (PPC) campaign with Google or Yahoo or MSN to get your site the best possible position in Paid for Search

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What’s the difference between design and maintenance?

Web design is the creation and development of the site. Maintenance is the updating of its design over and above minor tweaks such as changing email addresses. To make sure that your website is always looking at its best a maintenance agreement is highly recommended.

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