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The hidden truth about Accessibility

By Max Brockbank

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Page updated 8:27 am: March 23, 2009

Since 2005, European legislation has required EU websites to take reasonable steps to improve disability rights access.

A common myth about Opinion levitra Accessibility is that it caters to an insignificant minority. According to the RNIB, gained £13 MILLION a year in new business by making its site accessible site. Levitra efectos secundarios

While it may be great to get more business like, the real Buy Viagra Soft Tabs Online truth about accessibility is much more subtle — and valuable.

Right now there is one class of “blind” web users who have TRILLIONS of dollars at their disposal and can influence entire societies. They will never “see” the elegant roll-over navigations and have Buy Buy mobic online Wellbutrin SR Online Pharmacy No Prescription Needed no interest in colour combinations. And they’re not in the slightest bit w orried about flashy animations Levitra venta or clever scripting. Potenzmittel viagra

They are the Search Engines — Google, Yahoo, Windows Live! and Ask, to name just four.

The unspoken truth about Accessibility is that it is perfect for SEO. All the “best practice” techniques aimed at making the Internet experience good for people who cannot see hold doubly true for the Search Engine Spiders.

An example of this is related by, a London listings website which discovered that content it syndicated to other websites appeared in Google HOURS before the same stories featured on their own pages. Quite simply, the syndicated sites were using more Accessible designs.

How you can use CSS to improve Accessibility AND Content is the subject of my next post.

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Searching for a silver lining to the cloud

By Max Brockbank

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Page updated 6:01 pm: February 17, 2009

It’s not a good time, is it Levitra efectos secundarios ? Not bread queues and soup kitchens, to be sure, but it is very hard to be optimistic. Opinion levitra

Still. it is said that every cloud has a silver lining it seems and for SEO it may be that people are seeing Organic Search¬† in a new light. Compared to other forms of online marketing, SEO is seen as a cheap, effective way of getting the message across. According to recruiters we’ve spoken to recently (and others with less of an axe to grind) demand for good SEO professionals is on the increase. Hooray for our side!

But the Lasix Online loser in this may well be Pay Per Click advertising (not that we expect Google to throw in the towel any time soon). As cheap as a well-run PPC campaign may be, some website managers look at the number of clicks which DON’T end in a sale and think of it as wasted money.

What is only partly appreciated is the link between effective SEO and PPC. In essence, web users are more likely to click on a PPC link order cheap pharmacy — or indeed any brand-related link — if they associate it with good organic search results. Potenzmittel viagra

This is because SEO is as much about “Reputation Management” Buy Doxycycline Online Pharmacy No Prescription Needed as it is about anything else. Levitra venta That includes quality backlinks — everyone wants to link to the “world’s favourite hyzaar website”.

In other words, sites that give good attention to organic search can expect other benefits too.

It’s right that SEO is getting more attention, it simply makes sense. But treat it as a FOUNDATION of your whole SEM effort, not all of it.

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